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HI this is all about christmas I relly like this blog you  can see my blog  i love christmas 


Fireball jutsu! Hi! This week I will be talking about the jutsu in Naruto. Whether healing, sealing, fire, water or ice, this anime has a wide variatey of hand signs!

More about K-POP

Hello.You may have heard of my other blog but this one will have pictures (i hope). I am not talking about BTS since someone is already talking about it(you may know who i'm talking about if you read my other blog).I will still

be talking aboImage result for blackpinkut's a picture of them.Sorry for cutting out the text.I have to go bye!




Lego was quite popular before but now there are shops and they sell massive boxes and in some of them you have to make a hole castle.You can also get little boxes which comes with one character and a small car.You can buy up to six people in one box.Some times you need to be very smart to make those huge lego castles and house.yes


haloween is spooky and sometime scarydevil

on haloween you  can carv pumpkins.

if you want to carv a pumpkins you will need  spoon and pumpkins carving knife.

first cut the top of the pumpkin , then get the spoon to get the seed out,next  get your carving knife ,after  star carving or pumpkin ,last put the top part back on.

also on haloween night you can watcha scary moviedevil.


tick or treat

tick or treat is fun because  you can get lots of yummy candy and treats.

whan going trick or treat  you can dress up spooky and scary.

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