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this christmas were having a really fun party. everybody is bringing yummy snacks. i cant wait to see everyone at the party. I think were doing some game all i know is that we are playing pass the parsell.

hearteverybody loves christmas  and i hope you do too. Its a very special time off the year .where you get presents and put awsome decorations to put up. but if you don't celebrate christmas please exit this blog right now . because his is not the right place to be but if you do celebrate christmas this is the right place to stay

Santa and his naughty little helper.

 The elf on the shelf has been very naughty over the past few weeks. Recently the elf has been seen eating toast with marshmellow and jam on top.

Elf on the shelf

Today the Elf on the shelf went MISSING!


During Friday assembly we received a note, it said that the Elf has gone missing...


We are searching every where for our cheeky Elf.  A girl in 4JA said she found the elf under the bench in the playground (reported to Ms Macnesh).

when to start elf on the shelf


Girls Football Team !

Welcome to my first blog!smiley

Our first game we won one and lost two !crying

Our second game we won three and drew one !laugh

Our goaly { Ella } is doing so well saving goals!smiley

Our kit is coloured orange and black!smiley

Our coach Mr Foster and Office Dan!cool

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