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min ecraft vs roblox

  • so if you have seen my last blog you would know about minecraft and roblox the winner is robloxbroken heart personaly my favourite one is minecraft 

the skill level to play minecraft is easy with someone else that is not bad at the game and it is medium when you are on your own and hard to beat the game you can change your skin so i have a  person with no faceial features and it has a little leg and a big leg a thin arm and a fat arm and a massive head.






hello again.why did i chose this meme? to day i am writeing about some body touch my spageti. since i cant use pictures tipe his name in whatever you are useing to see. some body touch my spgeti is a spgeti loveing mouse a mouse verson of goldie lokes and the three bears and werder. ok i am regreting doing this but yet i am still doing this for the content frown. i love you all heart as you are angalsangel or devilsdevil but i dont care i love all peoleheart. I NEED MORE MEMES if you know any difrent memes plese comment for more and love the memes and check out my class's blog but dont be mean.

Cooking Recipes

Hello again its me Maida today we be making YUMMY cookies so  the last time we made cupcakes. Lets start and make sure you dont drool after making this. Also hope you enjoy!wink.Also i am new so give me some support if you want!cheeky.After that, get  all the ingredients you need as you knowsmiley.So,mix all the ingredients until you have a dough.If you dont know what a dough is its basically like a peachy colour,gooey,sticky dough if i explained much.Anyways,mix all the ingredients until you get a dough like i said!laugh.Get a cookie molder and make a hole out of it when your done put it in a cookie holder or if you dont have a cookie molder put it in.WAIT I FORGOT!!!!THE MOST IMPORTANT PART M&Msurprise!.Put it in the dough and bake it to 350 degrees.When its done you put some flour for finishing touch!Hope you enjoy bye!.


Helo weckom to my blog this bog is about  a populure game called mincraft                                                                                                                          mincraf is a fun pg game for lots 7 year olds its a entertaing game  what makes young kids get smarter becase it makes them fink about math and         a posible bulding job like some body who tels the bulders what to do any way were going of topic .Mincraft it is wen you bulild and craft and make viliges and try not to get raided by piligers they are pepol with  crosbows after you beat them you get an afect called bad omen and then run to a nother raid with more piligers. by blog overangelindecisionangrycoollaughsurpriseyesmailby

second week of school

laughHi welcome to my blog I done a lot of work and i am tired and i enjoy reading and have a lot of friends and i like school it is my second week of school and i enjoy it.

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