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another saturday race meeting

this saturday im going to hinkley radio controlled car club this is the link im on the main page i will post my results


guys big event coming up

guys on the 31st of march i will be in Leeds at MB Modals racing my ZEN RXGT12 the unfortunatley i will be running control tires wich aren't the grippest tires i will blog my result

Race ready

Hi guys I have just finished setting up my car #race ready I will post my results


I did say my previous blog would be my last but this the previous newspaper club team..

  • Megan B
  • Alfie D
  • Jack S
  • Rihanna D
  • Tayla 
  • Ebonee 
  • Nicola C 
  • Layton 
  • Gaurav 
  • John G
  • Warren L 
  • Hoshi
  • And Katy Barnes ____thank you for selecting me!


Officially made 24-25 blogs..surprise

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