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Mischievous elf

Hi everyone!

Welcome to my first blog post!laugh

I am sure everyone is as excited as 5RD because there are only 18 days until Christmas!

Well, some of you that are very observant may have already seen what shenanigans the elf has been up to but just in case you missed it...surprise

Let's just say there was a very jammy face outside the KS2 hall.


Earlier today, the elf was spotted shovelling tiny, white marshmallows with strawberry jam on toast into his face. (I have never seen anyone look so guilty!)

According to a pupil in 4MW, a trail of marshmallows was seen near the library around 8:15am. surprise 


I wonder what tomfoolery he will get up to on Monday!


In the meantime, keep your eyes peeled for this unscrupulous character!

Enjoy your weekend.yes

Why don't you see how many sleeps there are left for yourself?


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