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Hi half armys.I am back and in this blog i am going to carry on taliking about the BT21 charecters.Also if you you do not know what BT21 is then before you read this blog go on my privious blog.You don't want to miss that.So on my privious blog we finished it on chimmeny.So know we are going to talk about Mang.Mang represents J-hope.And this is how Mang looks like.So you might be thinking'OMG'.The reason why he has Mang looks like this is because he is a pony and he has a mask over his face.Mang is a very energetic just like J-hopw is.If you go on youtube and write bt21 then there will come up many videos about them.So next we will be taliking about Koya which represents RM.So this is how Koya looks like.So as you can see Koya is a koala.Koya is a blue koala with a purple nose.Koya likes to sleep like RM does.When Koya is shoked his ears fall of.So i will show you how that looks like.The reson why he has those black lines under his eyes is because he is very tired.So i will leave this blog here.Comment what you think the next ones will be.Byeeee.

Birthday cake

  • we all like birthdays but you like it more when there is a birthday cake .
  • there are all sorts of different kinds of cakes like,
  • princes cake, football cake , lol cake , super hero cake , 1 direction cake , emoji cake , rabbit cake , unicorn cake ,
  • monkey cake , bear cake , monstor cake , x box cake , flower cake , ,heart cake , carrot cake , bee cake , jojo siwa cake ,
  • fly cake , mermaid cake , make up cake , lama cake , pen  cake , elf cake , teddy cake , laptop cake , perfume cake , clown cake ,
  • and also lots of animal cakes too....
  • see you soon from Brooke ,m


Hi there half armys,as you know on my privious blog i introduced you to bts and know i am going to tell you the things that i didn't tell you on the privious blog and i am going to go more deeply into bts. So as i told you on my privious blog they have seven members and they have a light stick (which is the army bomb).So last week i forgot to show you how they look like so this is how bts look like.So this is how bts looks like.So if you didn't know bts have their own cartoons.Bts made their cartoons with a buisness called line friends and they are called bt21.Bt21 have 8 cartoon so one could represent their fans (army).So lets start with Chimminy which represent Jimin.Jimin's charecter is Chimminy.Chimminy has a bright yellow dog with a bright yellow suit.This dog likes to eat because he likes to eat. Sorry guys but i will have to finish it of there byeeeee.


smiley hello agan it is all about christmas!heartmy fraret you get presents and more and you get a big festnoyes do you like it you cane bild snoe man

This is a good decaration to put on your front door.

BYElaughsmileyyesheartcheekydevilha ha.


Well on 20th of december we have christmas jumper day. You will have to wear a jumpe that links to christmas but you dont have to. If you want to then and you dont have anything to wear then go to Asda because they sell lots of christmas jumpers. Also please dont get jealous or upset if you dont have a jumper on its ok. Also please dont beg or force your parents to get you one. And when it is on the day dont come school upset and sad just because your friends are wearing a jumper on. And that is it bye guys.  

Image result for christmas jumpers BY LANWE 



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