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hello again.why did i chose this meme? to day i am writeing about some body touch my spageti. since i cant use pictures tipe his name in whatever you are useing to see. some body touch my spgeti is a spgeti loveing mouse a mouse verson of goldie lokes and the three bears and werder. ok i am regreting doing this but yet i am still doing this for the content frown. i love you all heart as you are angalsangel or devilsdevil but i dont care i love all peoleheart. I NEED MORE MEMES if you know any difrent memes plese comment for more and love the memes and check out my class's blog but dont be mean.

My first blog !

Hi this is my first blog . This blog is about memes . First I shall introduce myself . My favarout meme is Nyan cat . #love the memes heartheartheartheart. If you know any memes please comment them and I shall write about them . If I have bad spelling don't point them out . Please my class's blogs as well .

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